Sometimes you have to reset your mindset so you can reach your full potential.

Your thoughts become words, your words become actions and your actions become your destiny.

Your mindset matters!

Eugene Moreau is a Certified Neuro Change Method Practitioner (Certified with the Neuro Change Institute) and he helps people RESET their mindset and REACH their FULL POTENTIAL using research-based tools from most of the mind sciences including neuroscience, social psychology and philosophy.

Using powerful neuroscience tools Eugene helps men and women struggling to reach their full potential do it with clarity of purpose and overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs to create a Growth Mindset and reach the previously unreached potential.

Once again, to paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, if you have a WHY to live for you can bear almost any HOW.  Eugene will help you with both the WHY and the HOW!

We are building our website right now BUT if you would like to know how YOU, or YOUR TEAM, or YOU & YOUR PARTNER can start your journey to a life based on a GROWTH MINDSET, click the below button and make an appointment.

"Eugene is my trusted advisor. He's the one person I know I can rely upon to give a robust and confidential perspective to the opportunities, challenges, and aspirations I am navigating."

The success in my personal and business life has been built around hard grafting and thoughtful consideration and taking the odd calculated risk. I am extremely cautious about whom I seek counsel. Eugene is my trusted advisor. He’s the one person I know I can rely upon to give a robust and confidential perspective to the opportunities, challenges, and aspirations I am navigating. His contributions to our discussions are careful, full of wisdom, but most importantly I know he has a special gift of connecting with what resonates with my heart and passions.

When you meet Eugene, you will quickly find out that he is an inspirational character. He is tactful. There is no ego. If he’s unsure he will let you know. This is a man who has “been there and done that” and “walks the walk”.

If you get the pleasure to meet Eugene, you will come away buzzing, refreshed and equipped to persue your dreams.

Mike (Veterinarian, Practice owner)

"Eugene only coached me for short time, but what I learned will stay with me for the rest of my life."

I have been able to introduce the changes in my workplace/ethics and my personal life. Most importantly, I am a mature aged employee and Eugene was able to adapt everything to my way… my pace and understanding.

Results speak for themselves. In an environment of sharks, I became a dolphin and achieved top performance awards. Thank you Eugene!


"I first engaged Eugene over 10 years ago at a time when I was trying to reevaluate how to move forward in the next phase of my life. "

I was struggling to gain clarity, let alone to have the focus to move purposefully forward. Eugene’s gentle wisdom, empathy and guidance moved me out of the woods and onto a path that is meaningful and joyous for me.

I have not veered from this path I chose since then. Being human there have been a few occasions when I’ve got distracted by shiny new things and wandered off, I only have to represent myself to Eugene’s coaching and I gently steer myself back to my path.