Four-Week Duration with 8 Sessions

Spanning over four weeks, each session is intricately designed around a central theme, accompanied by an insightful self-assessment tool, making your journey progressive, personal, and profoundly transformative.

Comprehensive Tools

Every session unveils three essential tools, crafting a robust toolkit that prepares you for the known and unknown challenges of the business world.


Thought-Provoking Discussions

A melting pot of diverse perspectives, share, learn, and refine your mindset with each engaging dialogue.


In-Session Q&A

Questions spark growth. Dive deep into your queries and get actionable clarity with our structured Q&A segments.



Session 1: Foundations of Mindset

Tools: Mindset Mapping, Core Belief Identifier, Growth vs. Fixed Mindset Analyser

Questions We Answer: 

  • How do our core beliefs sculpt our business strategy?
  • How can one recognise and counter fixed mindset tendencies?
  • What role does mindset play in business trajectory?

Session 2: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Tools:  Emotional Spectrum Wheel, Empathy Amplifier, React vs. Respond Framework

Questions We Answer: 

  • How can mastering emotions shape our leadership journey?
  • How does empathy become a catalyst for improved team dynamics?
  • What’s the roadmap to shift from being reactive to responsive?


Session 1: Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

Tools: SWOT Analysis Reinvented, Decision Matrix, Cognitive Bias Detector

Questions We Answer: 

  • How can modern SWOT analysis optimise business operations?
  • How does a decision matrix simplify complex choices?
  • What are the common cognitive biases, and how do they affect decision-making?

Session 2: Building Resilience & Handling Setbacks

Tools:  Resilience Builder, Setback-to-Comeback Planner, Stress-Relief Toolkit

Questions We Answer: 

  • What are the core components of resilience in business?
  • How can we pivot from a setback to forge a stronger comeback?
  • What strategies can alleviate stress and maintain momentum during challenges?


Session 1: Communication & Influence

Tools: : Active Listening Framework, Persuasion Blueprint, Non-Verbal Cue Decoder

Questions We Answer: 

  • How can active listening foster better relationships in business?
  • What are the pillars of persuasion that drive influence?
  • How can decoding non-verbal cues enhance communication?

Session 2: Innovation & Creativity in Leadership

Tools:  Ideation Funnel, Creativity Spark Plug, Innovation Roadmap

Questions We Answer: 

  • How do we cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation?
  • What techniques can instantly spark creativity in a team?
  • How does innovation drive business growth and differentiate us from competitors?


Session 1: Emotional Agility & Adaptability

Tools: :Emotional Agility Self-Assessment, Adaptability Scorecard, Change Navigation Map

Questions We Answer: 

  • How can emotional agility enable us to navigate complex business scenarios?
  • What are the key metrics in the Adaptability Scorecard, and why are they important?
  • How do we adapt to sudden changes without compromising on performance or well-being?

Session 1: Scaling & Sustaining Success: The Mindset of a Visionary

Tools: Vision-to-Execution Translator, Sustainable Growth Model, Leadership Legacy Planner

Questions We Answer: 

  • How do we translate a long-term vision into actionable steps?

  • What are the key elements of a sustainable growth model?

  • How can a leader leave a meaningful and lasting legacy?