Welcome to Reset Your Mindset, a 3-to-5-minute coaching moment. We are in the September Reset Series, and in this episode, I am talking about Building a Life on the Foundation of Everyday Victories.

So, what are everyday victories? 

Simply put, they’re the small wins that we accomplish day in and day out. It could be as simple as waking up early or sticking to our diet. 

These might seem trivial compared to landing your dream job or buying a home, but these smaller milestones pave the way for those more prominent achievements.

The Brick Analogy

Let me use the analogy of building a house. You wouldn’t start with the roof or the windows; you’d start with the bricks at the bottom, wouldn’t you? 

Each brick represents an everyday victory. Missing a single brick might not bring the house down, but a foundation built of sporadic and inconsistent bricks will surely make the structure shaky.

Here’s another example. 

Think of a time when you’ve had a really productive morning. You woke up early, maybe got in a quick workout, and ticked off a few items from your to-do list. 

You felt in control. Confident. Maybe even invincible. 

Those feelings came from a series of small habits built over time to create momentum.

One small victory opens the opportunity for another, and before you know it, you’re tackling challenges you once thought were insurmountable.

Let me share a quick story to illustrate this. Several years ago, I had a coaching client, let’s call her Sarah. 

Sarah was around 40 years old and starting to feel overwhelmed juggling her career and family. So. we talked about it and brainstormed, and as a result, she made one tiny change. 

She started waking up to meditate 15 minutes earlier each day. This small act created a ripple effect. She became more focused at work, patient with her children, and even found time to read and invest in her personal growth. She didn’t revamp her life in one day; she took it one victory at a time, and it all started with a single, everyday win.

These everyday victories have a compounding impact. 

Let’s say you aim to read just ten pages daily—a small, achievable goal. But over a year, you would have read about 3,650 pages, equivalent to around 10 to 12 books! 

Imagine the knowledge and perspectives you would gain from such a simple daily habit.

Some people might argue that focusing on these ‘small wins’ could deter us from our larger goals. 

But here’s the thing: grand aspirations often come with their own set of problems and roadblocks. If you’re only waiting for the big wins, you risk losing motivation and may abandon your dreams altogether.

Celebrating everyday victories also helps build resilience. When faced with setbacks, and trust me, they will come, you have a track record of small wins to remind you of your capabilities, and it’s these memories of everyday victories can propel you to get back up and create another triumph.

So, building a life on the foundation of everyday victories is not just a strategy but a mindset. 

It’s the art of recognising that each small step is progress. And in the grand scheme of your life, everyday victories all work together to make you into the masterpiece that you are.


Ok. that’s it for this episode. 

Remember, every victory is a stepping stone to a better, stronger, and more resilient you. 

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Thank you for joining me today, and until next time, keep celebrating those everyday victories.